As its name indicates, Credither Credither belongs to the Credither group. This financial organization’s basic activity is the management of credit cards for the financing of purchases at the group’s different partner merchants. Credither bank also collaborates with the online portal. In order to offer new financial products to its customers, Credither bank has partnered with Mutual Credit. She is now able to offer credit and buy back credits. This release focuses on the solution of credit buybacks to balance your budget.

Credither and the mechanism for buying back credits

Masimo and the mechanism for buying back credits

Every responsible person tries to balance their budget so they can have fun while paying their bills. Unfortunately, life is expensive. It is sometimes difficult for a consumer to pay for boiler repairs or finance the next vacation. The redemption of credits can be a possible solution if you want to recover purchasing power. Indeed, the principle is based on the consolidation of loans in progress in order to extend the repayment period and, mechanically, to reduce the amount of repayments (called the monthly payment by the credit institutions and / or the banks).

Credither bank offers the purchase of consumer loans (real estate loans are not part of its product portfolio ). It is therefore possible to:

  • Gather at least two consumer credits ( consumer code).
  • Request a loan ranging from 6,000 to 75,000 $.
  • Spread the loan over a period of 1 year to 12 years.
  • To include a new financing project in the global loan.
  • To benefit from a fixed or variable rate (the rate is to be defined at the time of the loan offer).

Terms of purchase of consumer credit?

Terms of purchase of consumer credit?

Here is a relevant question that deserves a fair answer.
Above all, it is important to know that a request does not mean acceptance. To know if you can claim it, it is imperative that a financial expert of the Credither checks your information and studies your file. It can not override the laws and regulations that govern the redemption of credits. In fact, it is not 100% sure that your project gets a positive response. If the home’s debt ratio is too high, the file will be considered inadmissible. It will be necessary to turn to the commission of over-indebtedness or to a relative to get out of the spiral of over-indebtedness.

In addition, we would like to offer you two useful tips. In fact, to reduce the monthly repayment, it is necessary to extend the duration of the loan. We remind you that the loan is subject to an interest rate that increases its cost. It is therefore imperative to choose a loan offer based on its repayment capacity and not on the amount of the monthly payment. In addition, opt for a variable rate is not necessarily beneficial since the latter may fall as increase depending on the index. The fixed rate, meanwhile, will remain the same throughout the duration of the loan.