Cheapest Buybacks: How to find them? – Loan consolidation

Redemption of credits can be a credible option to get out of debt. This process makes it possible to collect the loans from the different creditors in an exclusive loan. Debts are no longer scattered, the rate is unique and the monthly payments are lower. The redemption of credits also has the advantage of involving […]

Is a loan for a car deductible?

A car is a means that we almost all have to use. Belgium is a real car country where many people use the car even for small journeys. But sometimes you can’t do anything else, for groceries for example. Then the car is so easy because you can load a lot into it. In addition, […]

Who also wants a nice cheap home loan?

Everyone of course! A loan for your home is not just about the purchase. For example, it can also be about repairing it, and that is especially nice if you have an old (er) house. For these types of projects, the figures can also increase considerably. It is therefore an advantage if you can borrow the largest possible amount […]

Bank Credit Redemption: Tips, Opportunities, Conditions

As its name indicates, Credither Credither belongs to the Credither group. This financial organization’s basic activity is the management of credit cards for the financing of purchases at the group’s different partner merchants. Credither bank also collaborates with the online portal. In order to offer new financial products to its customers, Credither bank has partnered […]

This way you can buy a cheap loan! Do not tell anyone!

To borrow money, three factors are important: the purpose for which you borrow, the term of the loan and the lowest possible interest and costs. Let’s work that out for you. First you start from what you are going to do with the credit. This can for example be a new car or a refrigerator, but also buy […]

Calculate your loan via a loan simulator? No problem!

Finally another day with the sun and you sit on the terrace. With those sun rays on your back it starts to itch again; you naturally start thinking about vacation. A holiday where you can enjoy the sun every day for 2 weeks. There is only 1 problem: your account is a bit lean. You just moved and things had […]

Compare loans: quickly and easily find the cheapest!

Compare loans: quickly and easily find the cheapest! We can compare many articles with the advantages of the internet. If you need a new TV, you go to different web shops to see where you can buy the cheapest. And with almost everything that you want to buy, you have made a comparison of prices […]

Loan grouping: Our advice and means of contact!

  CreditAskMe belongs to CreditCole. It is a brokerage firm that advocates the following philosophy “A vision, solutions”. This establishment wishes to be attentive to its customers by proposing customized solutions according to the situations of each one. Leader in the credit buyback market, CreditAskMe is constantly looking for the best buy at the best […]

Do I choose a fixed or variable interest rate for my loan?

Are you going to build or buy a house? These are large expenses that require a lot of money. For these types of amounts, we therefore usually take out a loan that often has a long duration – on average 22 years. In our example, we assume the convenience of real estate, because you usually pay the longest […]